Completed Actions

Climate Smart Resolution

This resolution was based on a template provided by the Climate Smart Communities program. As a result of the resolution, the Village of Homer became a registered Climate Smart Community as of May 2018.

Government Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Government Operations Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory was conducted by students from SUNY ESF and identifies where the village’s emissions come from.

Composter Sale

The village sold at-home composters to community members at cost to encourage responsible personal waste management strategies. While the first 100 sold out, we are ordering more – fill out the order form below and return it to the village office to reserve yours!

In-Progress Actions

Municipal Action Plan

We are currently in the process of drafting an Action Plan that uses the greenhouse gas emissions baseline presented in the Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Inventory and sets targets for emissions reductions with steps of how we will achieve this goal. We encourage you to review our current draft and would value your feedback sent to Shenequa Perry ( or Andrew Fagerheim (