Leaf and branch pickup will occur April 1 – 30, and October 15 – November 15. Leaves and branches must be placed in separate piles. Branches must all face the same direction.

Pickup during approved months will be based on the DPW schedule during those months only.

The compost site is available for residents to utilize outside of this time frame. It will be closed October 15, 2024 until the bins from Amnesty Day are removed.


The Village of Homer Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance of all Village properties and buildings, streets, sidewalks, street signs, street lights, parks, sewers, water mains and storm drains.

During office hours, call the DPW for any problems regarding trees, sidewalks, street flooding, street lights and signs, leaf and snow pickup, storm drains and sanitary sewers, garbage pickup, recycling and metal pickup.

Other DPW activities include:

  • Concrete work, carpentry work, plumbing and painting on Village properties and buildings as needed
  • Replace signs throughout the Village as needed
  • Road repaving and/or road patching throughout the Village as needed
  • Clean and repair catch basins as needed
  • Mowing, weed trimming, tree cutting and tree replanting around the Village as needed
  • Spring and Fall leaf and brush pick up
  • Winter plowing and snow removal
  • Christmas tree pick-up
  • Maintenance of the sewer pump stations located on Willow Park, North Main Street, Hooker Avenue, Wall Street, Albany Street, South Main Street, North Fulton Street, and Brentwood Drive
  • Sewer flushing and hydrant flushing as needed throughout the year
  • Maintenance of water meters ONLY in residences. The water line from the curb box to the home and the plumbing inside the home is the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • Maintenance of the main sewer trunk line. The line into the home from the lateral and the plumbing inside the home is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Department of Public Works

Phil Stockton

DPW Superintendent

31 North Main Street
Homer, NY 13077
(607) 749-3813