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Syracuse Haulers Guidelines

Cortland County Recycling Guidelines

Cortland recycling rules

Wednesdays Thursdays
All residences south of James Street, including both sides of James Street, Wall Street, all of North and South West Street including the west ends of Hudson, Prospect and Clinton Streets, as well as Burgett, Bedford, Miller, Brentwood, Suits, Stanford, Ferndale, Balmoral Way and Phelps Drive. All residences north of James Street, including Water Street, and all of North and South Main Streets.

Please note that holidays can affect the trash pickup schedule due to the County Landfill being closed.  Changes are published in the Cortland Standard, announced on WXHC 101.5 FM, and posted on the bulletin board on the homepage of this website.

Residential Holiday Pick Up Schedule for 2023

Date Delay Holiday
Week of 1/1/24

All pickups one day delay for New Years

New Years
Week of 5/27/24 All pickups one day delay for Memorial Day Memorial Day
Week of 7/4/24 Wednesday Normal, Thursday to Friday One Day Delay Independence Day
Week of 9/4/24 All Pickups One Day Delay Labor Day
Week of 11/23/24 Thursday + Friday One Day Delay Thanksgiving
Week of 12/23/23 Thursday and Friday One Day Delay Christmas
Week of 1/1/2024

All pickups one day delay for New Years

New Years

Trash Collection Rules & Procedures

For trash and recycling services in the Village of Homer:

    • For Syracuse Haulers to pick up trash or recycling, the lid of the container must close.
    • All trash and recyclables must be placed at the curb, or in an area that has been cleared near the street, curb, or driveway by 6 A.M. on your scheduled pick-up day.  Cans can be put out the night before regular pick up. Trash and Recycling cans must not be placed in the road.
    • Empty cans need to be removed from curbside within 24 hours of scheduled pick-up day or fines can be charged.
    • Trash and recyclables will be picked up by Syracuse Haulers at any time on one’s scheduled day.
    • Trash is defined as anything that is generated normally within a household during a week’s time. Trash does not include white goods, electronics, TVs, computers, small appliances, carpeting, building supplies, hard plastics, furniture (such as-mattresses, couches, recliners, tires & rims, metal chairs, fluorescent light bulbs, garden & yard debris including tree branches. Items not considered trash must be privately contracted through a local hauler by the resident.
    • Trash must be in bags not weighing more than 25 pounds per bag in the black can.
    • Trash or recycling that is placed next to the trash or recycling containers will not be picked up. These items outside the containers must be privately contracted through a local hauler at the resident’s expense.
    • Recycling should be loose and not placed in plastic bags. Cardboard boxes must be broken down to fit in green recycle bin with the lid closed.
    • For glass- residents can put clean glass containers at the collection site at the Village DPW or residents can bring glass to the Cortland County recycling center at 137 Pendleton St. Cortland (607) 753-5191.
    • If a trash or recycling bin is damaged, call the Village Office at 607-749-3322 to arrange for either a repair or replacement or email
    • If trash or recycling is not picked up, and all guidelines were followed, call the Village Office at 607-749-3322 to discuss the issue as soon as possible.

Paint Guidelines

Additional Information

Trash and recyclables pickup is for village residents only. Imported items are not allowed and could subject a guilty party to prosecution.

For Multiple Dwelling Owners: PLEASE ADVISE ALL TENANTS

Residents may exchange 95 gallon recycling and/or garbage containers for 65 gallon containers for a cost of $54.00. Call the Village Offices at 607-749-3322 for information.

Recyclables cannot be placed in plastic bags except for shredded paper, which is allowed to be placed in clear plastic bags.