2023 Annual Water Quality Report:

2023 Water Quality Report

Trash (Garbage) and Recycling Penalties


Due to increased tipping costs and contaminated recycling fees, beginning in January, Village of Homer employees will be spot checking residential’s individual Trash and Recycling bins. If items not in compliance with the rules for what is allowed or are overflowing, or trash/garbage is being put into Recycling bins, then the bin will be flagged. Syracuse Hauler will not pick up the flagged Trash or Recycling bin. Residents will have to remove the flagged bin’s contents or item and have it disposed by a local hauler at the residents’ expense. In addition, the following fines will be assessed:






1st Offense 2nd Offense Third Offense Fourth Fifth and beyond

Putting cans out early or not removing

Letter $50 $75 $100 $200
Within 24 hours


Overflowing bins- Trash and Recycling Letter $75 $150 $300 $500
(Lids do not close)
3 Excess trash next to cans Letter $75 $150 $300 $500
4 Trash or items, non-branches, left Letter $100 $200 $400 $500
  at curb
5 Trash in Recycling bin Letter $100 $200 $400 $500
6 Fines for disposal of ineligible items Letter $100 $200 $400 $500

For any questions or concerns on any matter feel free to contact the Village of Homer offices at 607-749-3322.