Compost Info


Spring / Summer / Fall:  7:00 am – 7:00 pm , everyday
Winter – Closed.

Garden debris, grass clippings, leaves and branches from tree trimming and storm damage.


We do NOT accept trees, only branches.  If you bring debris in plastic bags, please be sure to take the bags home with you.


Signs are posted at the site to direct you where to put your composting materials.  Please note especially the direction branches need to be placed in the pile.  Anyone is free to take chips or compost at any time.

The Compost Site is ONLY for the use of Village of Homer residents.  If you observe anyone who is a resident of another municipality, or who is a commercial landscaper or trash hauler, please note the license plate number or any identifying information and report them to the Police Department at 607-749-2028.
Annual Amnesty Day for Village of Homer Residents
Watch our calendar for the date!
The Amnesty Day allows Village residents to bring the following materials to the Compost Site for disposal:
• White goods (stoves, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, etc) and metal waste
NOTE: Any units that may have contained refrigerant must have a certificate of purging included
• Lumber or anything made of wood
NO NORMALLY COLLECTED RECYCLABLES ARE ALLOWED – please place them curbside during your weekly trash pickup.