Add: Due to an individual involved in the meeting needing to quarantine per the Department of Health guidelines, in order to hold the meeting timely, the meeting will be a combination of zoom and in person.  Any individual wishing to obtain a link, please email or call 607-749-3322

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Village of Homer Zoning Board of Appeals will meet in person at the Town Hall in Homer at 31 North Main Street on March 24, at 6:30 p.m. to consider the following pursuant to the current Village of Homer Code of Ordinances:


Appeal #492:

Applicant/Property Owner:                       Family Health Network

Property Address:                                             85 South West Street

Tax Map #:                                                           76.32-01-06.000

Zoning District:                                                   B-3

Code Ref.:                                                             Article II: 228-23


Variance Requested:         Variance to allow for new signage on Route 281.



Appeal #493:

Applicant/Property Owner:                       Stephanie and Anthony Baldwin

Property Address:                                             1 King Street

Tax Map #:                                                           66.73-01-06.000

Zoning District:                                                   B-3

Code Ref.:                                                             Article III: 70-5 (A&B)


Variance Requested:         Variance to allow parking for a tow behind camper on a driveway in front of a house.



The above application is open to inspection at the Village Offices. We encourage you to email, call (607-749-3322), or mail, all of your communication needs before said ZBA meeting.



Tanya DiGennaro

Village Treasurer