It has been brought to my attention that some residents have had problems with NYSEG regarding the work that they are doing throughout our Village. Residents have stated that they have been blocked in their driveways, given no notice for gas shut-offs, and that they feel disrespected throughout the process. This is disheartening; you are all valued customers and deserve to be treated as such.  Although our Street Department has addressed these issues with both the field workers and their supervisors, the Village does not have any authority over NYSEG or their project. Unfortunately, our hands are tied. We encourage YOU, their paying customers, to address it with NYSEG directly in hopes that your disappointment is taken more seriously than ours. The NYSEG numbers to contact with questions and/or comments regarding their project are 1-800-572-1111 and 1-800-572-1112. Please know that we understand your frustration, in fact, we feel it too. Hopefully, all the inconveniences that everyone is feeling now will bring better NYSEG service to our future.


Kristen Case

Deputy Clerk, Deputy Treasurer