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Curbside Dumping Law
It is expressly prohibited for anyone residing in the village of Homer to leave ineligible items of trash at the curbside.
• Ineligible items include:
• Trash not in clear plastic bags (Not Enforced Until Further Notice)
• Recyclables not properly prepared
• Furniture
• Appliances
• Mattresses
• Tires
• Stones
• Auto Parts
• Lawnmowers and other types of equipment
• Any and all such items judged uncollectible by the village garbage and trash contractor
Penalties: Upon receipt of a notice that an ineligible item or items are left curbside, a resident of the Village of Homer shall have two days to remove the offending item(s). If the item(s) are not removed, the Village may assess a fine and the resident shall pay such fine according to the following schedule for each offending item:
First Offense $50 - Second Offense $100 - Third and any other subsequent offense(s):$250
Failure to pay: If the resident does not pay the duly levied ne, the Village may assess a lien and charge on the real property on which the prohibited item is illegally dumped.

PLEASE NOTE: While it is current Village Law that all garbage be put out in clear plastic bags, that has not been enforced and will not be enforced going forward until said bags are readily available everywhere. (Not anticipated.)

The important thing to understand from this new law is that it is not acceptable to put things out to the curb that should not be there, as our DPW winds up having to come get all these soggy wet chairs and couches and dispose of them, which in turn increases expenses and eventually increases taxes. It is not fair to residents who follow the rules and makes for an unsightly Village, thus, it will no longer be tolerated.
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How will this be enforced?

When will the leaving the trash bins out after trash collection ordinance be enforced? Getting annoyed seeing the bins out on the street all week.

A perfect evening in the Village. Supporting Hospice, the Homer Brass, the Congregational Church choir and the Homer Fire Department brought Santa! ... See MoreSee Less

Village of Homer Thanksgiving Office Hours

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Open 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017
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31 North Main Street
HOMER, NY 13077
PHONE 607-749-3322
FAX 607-749-2042

Thursday, November 9, 2017 – 6:00 p.m.

PUBLIC HEARING #1: Compost Site Law. A LOCAL LAW AMENDING HOMER CODE Section 131: Garbage, Rubbish, Refuse and Recyclables OF THE CODE OF THE VILLAGE of HOMER in CORTLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK.

This will be Local Law N. 2 of 2017.

PUBLIC HEARING #2: Small Cities CDBG Microenterprise Program (MAP). Pursuant to CFR 24 570.486, the Village is required to hold a public hearing during the grant administrative period of each grant to provide details with respect to Programs and Program’s progress, solicit comments with respect to funded activities and program administration, and answer questions with respect to the Programs or grant activities.

1. Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees called to order by Mayor Hal McCabe. Pledge of Allegiance to follow.

2. .Approve Minutes

October 11, 2017

3. Treasurer’s report:
a.Financial Status of operating funds-Newton Water Works revenues and expenditures, General revenues and expenditures.
b.Authorize payment of bills

•F & G Funds – Vouchers
•A Fund – Vouchers

4. Report of Offices and filing of written reports: Cemetery, Codes, Dogs, DPW, Fire Inspector, Fire Department, Police, Recreation, Water & Sewer.

5.Village Historian’s Yearly Report

6.Privilege of the Floor

7.Old Business
a.Rob San Drive (20 Minute Open Discussion)

8.New Business

a.Wayne and Janice Bacon Agreement
b.Pursuant to Village Code Article 1 Collection Regulations §131-2, the Board wishes to promulgate fines and penalties for errant refuse along Village thoroughfares. Said fines and penalties will be:

$50.00 – First Offense
$100.00 – Second Offense
$250.00 – Any Additional Offense

c.Schedule and notice a public hearing regarding the passage of a local law adopting a Community Choice Aggregation Program at the December Board meeting.
d.Authorize the Village Historian to act on behalf of the Village in registering Glenwood Cemetery for the State and National Register of Historic Places.

9. Attorney

10. Comments by Board Members

11. Executive Session

12. Adjournment
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